Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Studio Blog Description and goals

The Dealermade Photo Studio is the industries newest innovation that includes a car carousel and greenscreen, with controlled surroundings on all six sides, and pictures and videos are taken from the photographers stand through a camera opening, outside the studio. The studio is installed at the dealers facility (30'x30' area recommended). We also offer a 30'x31' metal building that can be installed in a dealers parking lot if interior space is not available. The carousel will turn a vehicle weighing up to 20,000lbs in 52 seconds which is contained by two 28' green screen walls and two 28' white walls w/12' sliding wall, covered by a 28'x28' solid light bank. The system comes complete with a Canon T3i SLR camera, lens sets and a powerful computer/software to batch process the photos and video.

The studio enables production of 40+ pictures and full-turn videos in only 7 to 10 minutes of every new and used car and ANY background can be placed behind the vehicle with greenscreen technology. The goal is to provide dealers the ability to increase quality and add video to every vehicle regardless of the weather with their own Photo Studio.

This blog will be used to help share multiple methods and ideas that can help dealers grow online and marketing opportunities with a Dealermade Photo Studio.


  1. The images of car that are posted are really nice. I can't imagine myself having one. no credit car dealerships

  2. Personal viewpoint on the subject "pictures sell cars" and volume (this product is purchased primarily by medium to large franchise dealers) will likely be the factors to make this a good economical and quality choice.

  3. Brian, Thank you for the compliment on pictures and your comments.

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